#WeekendExposition (Souls Are Perishing)

Happy Easter Friday 😳
(Jesus Died To Save You & I)

#Topic: The Letter of Pontius Pilate which He Wrote to the Roman Emperor and August Caesar concerning Our Lord Jesus Christ

(Read To The End)

In this letter Pilate tells Emperor Claudius of the Jews' crime of killing their Savior, describes Christ's miracles, and relates that the Jews accused Him of being a magician. Pilate believed the accusation and allowed Jesus to be executed. However, the soldiers who guarded his tomb revealed that He had risen, even though the Jews bribed them to be silent. Pilate warns the Emperor of the deceptive nature of the Jews at the end of the letter.

Read here:👇 https://wanyanwuthewriter.wordpress.com/2021/04/02/jesus-died-on-good-friday-to-save-you-and-i/



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